Truck Drivers Pasta

This summer we have been so lucky with fresh produce, the apricots were sweet and juicy and it looks like it is going to be equally as good for tomatoes. I don’t have a garden of my own but I raided my mum’s, she has an amazing basil patch and some really great tomatoes, and so wanted to do a nice simple recipe where you can just enjoy these fresh flavours.

I was given a copy of Giorgio Locatelli’s Made In Sicily for Christmas which is beautiful book and in it he describes a recipe called truck drivers pasta where essentially they would use whatever was around to toss through pasta, hence the name here.

Pasta 300 grams 00 flour 3 eggs (but mine were small so I used 4)

Put the flour on a bench surface and make a well in the middle, break in the eggs and with a fork gently break up the eggs and start mixing the flour in, once together as a dough kneed for 3 to 4 minutes until it feels smooth and silky. Cover in cling wrap and refrigerate for an hour. Sauce While you are waiting for this prepare your sauce. I chopped up one big clove of garlic and placed in it a bowl with a handful of yellow cherry tomatoes and six or seven small roma tomatoes chopped, a handful of chopped basil, pinch of sea salt, some grated strips of zucchini and a lug of good olive oil. Just let this sit and rest.

Put the pasta dough through the machine and perhaps make something a little fatter like linguini, I think I only took the pasta to 4 so it was still quite thick. Cook the pasta in some boiling salted water and then drain. Stir through the sauce and serve with some parmesan or pecorino.

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