Sea Trout with a Saffron Egg Sauce

As a trout fisherman I start to suffer from withdrawals a few months after the season closes, luckily this week has been a good week for sea run trout in the lower reaches of the Derwent.  Sea trout are brown trout that move from fresh water to salt water. They tend to be quite silver and salmon like in appearance, taste a lot better than their muddy cousins and are bastards to catch - I think this was the 3rd trip of loosing fish, seeing fish and swearing before we had one safely on the bank.

Sea trout feature quite predominately in Scandinavian diets so I thought I would try and put a Swedish style recipe - plus I love egg and fish.  We did two versions of the sauce one with saffron and one with out - they were both good.  Although this is a pretty rich dish so I really suggest to drink it with wine to cut through some of the fat.

Also massive ups to Dan who was on work experience with me this week. He helped me catch, cook, photograph and eat this.

Ingredients: Sauce 150ml Sour Cream 1x Hard Boiled Egg 1x Egg Yolk 1x Tbs White Vinegar 1x Tsp Dijon Mustard 1x Good Pinch of White Pepper 7x Strands of Saffron

Fish 1x Whole Sea Trout (3lb) 1x Bunch of Dill A few slices of lemon 2x Bay leaves A few knobs of butter Pepper and Salt

Method: 1. Score the fish and stuff dill, lemon, bay leaves and butter into the cavity. Add some butter into the scores 2. Wrap in baking paper and then in tin foil and place in a hot oven for 30-45mins 3. After 30 min open up the tin foil and crisp up the skin under the grill 4. Separate the boiled egg white and yolk. Add the boiled yolk, mustard, vinegar, chopped egg white and sour cream to a pot and mix well and warm through then at the last minute when the sauce is off the stove and cooling add the raw yolk. 5. If you want to add saffron you can - just add it when you are warming the sauce.

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