Deep Fried Quail with Lemon and Anchovy Dipping Sauce

I love quail and I love wing dings.

So I thought I would combine the two - well sort of. For those who don't know wing dings are those little fried pieces of gold that you find in bain maries at servos across the country.

My local butcher always has a god supply of quail from Nubeena, so I grabbed half a doz on the weekend and had a bit of a fry up.


6x Quail boned and quartered 1 1/2x Cups of Panko Bread Crumbs 1x Egg 2x Egg Yolks 1x Dash of Milk 1x Cup Seasoned Plain Flour


1 x Egg Yolks 1/3 Cup of Sunflower Seed Oil 3 Tbs Olive Oil 1x Tbs Anchovy Oil 1/2 Cup Sour Cream 1x Heaped Tsp Dijon Mustard White Pepper and Salt to taste. 1x Tbs White Vinegar Juice of Half a Lemon 3x Tbs Finely Chopped Parsley 10x Anchovy Fillets Finely Chopped (Really depends if you like anchovies or not and how strong they are) The rind of 1/2 a preserved lemon very finely chopped White pepper and Salt to taste


1. Coat quail pieces in flour and dust off excess. Then coat in beated egg and milk mixture and shake off excess. Then coat in breadcrumbs. 2. To make the sauce, in a electric beater combine; egg yolks, vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, and mustard. The very, very slowly add the oils while still whisking. Once the all the oil had been added you should have a nice mayonnaise. Then add the sour cream and combine. 3. To the sauce add the anchovies, parsley, preserved lemon peel and stir well. Let this sit for an hour or so – it is much better when it has been left to stand. 4. Just before you want to serve, heat up a pot of vegetable oil until about 180 degrees C I find on most stove tops use about 3/4 heat. Fry the quail until just golden. It should take 1-2min. If you think they might be under done just let site and they will keep cooking. Serve hot with the sauce.

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