Deep Fried Perch with Pinkeye, Chorizo & Quinoa Chips and a Spring Onion Mayonnaise

With the fine weather last Sunday we dragged the boat down to Bruny for a spot of fishing. We headed straight for a small reef I have been studying on the charts for some time now. On arrival we were greeted by a seal but I managed to scare him off. We had to work hard for the perch amongst armada of shit fish - and when I say we I mean me - Lottie was asleep most of the morning.

On Saturday night Catherine and I did a bit of recipe testing and I had some great pink eyes left over and with the fish that I caught on Sunday, fish and chips had to be on the menu.

I have to say I got the idea for the deep fried quinoa from Garagistes - they had it served on some poached calamari - it was pure awesome. I am not a massive fan of going out for tea (my favourite food is a chump chop sandwich in white bread with sauce) but it would have to be the best food in any restaurant that I have eaten. The thing that struck me was the amount of thought that had gone into each recipe.

Anyway enough wank - here is the recipe:

Ingredients: Chips 6x Pinkeyes 1x Chorizo sausage 2x Tbs Cooked Quinoa

Mayonnaise 2x Egg Yolk 1x Cup Sunflower Oil 1x Tsp Dijon Mustard Juice of 1/2 a Lemon 2x Caps full of White Vinegar White Pepper 2x Tbs Sour Cream 2x Spring Onions chopped finely

Fish 1x Perch or any small whole fish 1/2 Cup Plain Flour 1/2 Cup Corn Flour 1 Tbs Salt 1 Tbs Black Pepper

Method 1. To make the mayonnaise add the egg yolks, mustard, pepper, lemon juice and vinegar to a bowl and slowly whisk in the oil - a piece of piss with the kitchen aid. The stir through the spring onions and sour cream.  I actually blanched the spring onions so they weren't over powering - but you don't need to.

2. To make the chips, boil and drain the pink eyes the cut into chips. First fry off the chorizo cut finely in a little oil and set aside. Then fry the chips in the same oil until golden. Remove chips and add quinoa to the pan and fry until just coloured. Place the chips on a plate and top with chorizo and quinoa.

3. For the fish mix flour, pepper and salt. Then cut the fins off the fish with scissors as they can burn depending on the size of the fish.  Then coat the fish in flour and deep fry. It only takes about 5mins or until golden.

4. Enjoy.

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