Cold Smoked Bluefin & Fresh Horseradish

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I were headed out tuna fishing to the Friars off Bruny Island....Well that was the plan....We didn't get far from the mouth of the Derwent before we started seeing balls of bait fish busting on the surface followed by Bluefin Tuna breaching. I have never seen anything like it before in my life - I never thought I would see Bluefin that far North - it is just unheard of. After trolling round and round in circles, a few swear words and a couple of beers later we finally hooked one, followed by a few more. Deciding not to be greedy and headed for home.

A couple of days later I took it down to my friend Roger who owns the Woodbridge Smokehouse who had very kindly offered to cold smoke some for me. The results were magnificent. But I thought what would really set it off would be some fresh horseradish. Do you know how hard this stuff is to get hold of - very! Anyway I asked my mate Will from Thorpe Farm in Bothwell if I could come and pick some, and very kindly he said yes.

My trip up to Bothwell coincided with Will digging a few orders, so I managed to score some choice root. Apparently the horseradish gets hotter after a frost (which has been) so this lot is particularly peppery. Actually so peppery that when we ate a big chunk of it in the paddock I was very close to a little spit.

So this really isn't a recipe because I really didn't want to fuck up some perfect cold smoked fish - probably one of the nicest things I have eaten. It's more a suggestion to get hold of some quality cold smoked fish and serve it with fresh horseradish.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of fishing photos - I kind of forgot to take many plus it is a bit hard when you have a 20kg fish flapping around bleeding all over the deck.

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