Christmas Party

On Saturday afternoon we held a little Christmas gathering at Sam and Lotties with our friends and thought it would be nice to share it here with you on Island Menu. It is such a great time of year in Tasmania the food and produce available is unbeatable and while the weather can still be a little dubious we were fortunate enough to have a warm sunny day.

After a discussion over drinks at the pub earlier in the week we decided that the menu would be simple with lots of little dishes and seasonal bits and pieces for people to try out. I think this worked beautifully and at the end of the night everything had gone so I think it was a success!

For the day we served as a starter some cheeses, smoked salmon, biscuits and bread, then we all sat at the table for the meal. I think there is nothing better than sitting down for a big dinner with all your friends, especially at Christmas.

On the table we had to eat:

Gravlax with dill and horseradish sauce Home-made bread Mini abalone and chicken burgers Bloody mary mussels Seared beef Smoked lamb Crumbed calamari with home-made tartare Smoked striped trumpeter with egg sauce Whiskey sauce Fresh rocket salad and sliced cucumbers Crayfish Smashed pink eye potatoes

To drink we had a selection of Tasmanian drinks including some:

Ninth Island Sparkling, Captain Bligh’s apple cider, the boys drank Cascade Blue (they don't like to stray away from their favourite) followed by some Nant whiskey later in the evening and a lot later Captain Morgan’s Spicy with Cascade Sparkling Apple juice - sounds dirty I know - but is damn fine.

Then later for sweets:

Vanilla shortbread Cherries Some great homemade chocolates - thanks Phil And a raspberry and logan berry cream pie

To make the pie is so simple, use our sweet short crust pastry recipe (the one from lemon meringue and strawberry pie) bake and allow to cool. Then in a bowl mix a tub of Mersey Valley crème fraiche and a tub of Mersey valley double cream, a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, a small lug of Cointreau, a few handfuls of fresh raspberries and logan berries and some icing sugar to taste. Put the mix into the pastry shell, and refrigerate (we actually used the freezer) for an hour or so. Remove it before you want to eat, decorate with more berries and a dusting of icing sugar.

Apricot and Raspberry Tart

Champagne & Elderflower Cocktails