Calamari with Homemade Tartare Sauce

Calamari with Homemade Tartare Sauce

Last weekend we made a trip down to the shack at Bruny Island with a few friends. The weather was perfect so we went and caught a few calamari until the boat decided it didn't want to start. It didn't matter, we already had a feed, so we retired to the deck for a bbq.

We didn't end up cooking the calamari until we got home but in my mind there is pretty much only one way to cook fresh calamari - and that's to keep it simple - crumbed, shallow fried with homemade tartare. This would have to be about my favourite meal. If you are making this make sure you get southern calamari and not arrow squid - there is a big difference.


Calamari 1x Med. Calamari Tube cut into Rings 1 1/2x Cups of Panko Bread Crumbs 1x Egg 2x Egg Yolks 1x Dash of Milk 1x Cup Seasoned Plain Flour Tartare Sauce 3 x Egg Yolks 2/3x Cup of Sunflower Seed Oil 1/3x Cup Olive Oil 1x Heaped Tsp Dijon Mustard White Pepper and Salt to taste. 1x Tbs White Vinegar Juice of Half a Lemon 1 1/2x Tbs Spring Onions Finely Chopped 2x Tbs Parsley Finely Chopped 1x Tsp Tarragon Finely Chopped 1x Tbs Dill Finely Chopped 2x Tsp Preserved Lemon Peel Finely Chopped 2x Tbs Capers Finely Chopped 1x Tbs Gerkins Finely Chopped Method: 1. Coat rings in flour and dust off excess. Then coat in beated egg and milk mixture and shake off excess. Then coat in breadcrumbs. 2. To make the tartare, in a electric beater combine; egg yolks, vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, and mustard. The very, very slowly add the oils while still whisking. Once the all the oil had been added you should have a nice mayonnaise. 3. To the mayonnaise add the, onion, parsley, preserved lemon peel, tarragon, dill, capers and gherkins and stir well. Let this sit for an hour or so - it is much better when it has been left to stand. 4. Just before you want to serve, place about 1 cm of oil in a frying pan and heat until about 180 degrees C I find on most stove tops use about 3/4 heat. Fry the rings until just golden on one side and turn until golder on the other. It should be tops 30 Sec on each side. Serve hot with the tartare.

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