Island Menu is a food and photography blog written by two friends with a strong focus on the use of wonderful fresh Tasmanian produce available. We aim to buy and source seasonally and locally where we can for both special occasion meals and everyday food. With Island Menu we hope to share recipes that are simple yet full of flavor and present them in our photographs in a way that is both sincere and honest.

We don't claim to be the greatest cooks in the world - far from it - we just love creating new recipes and taking photos.

Samuel Shelley is a professional photographer and graphic designer with a love for fresh and salt-water fishing. Samuel has spent some time living in and visiting Sweden over the past few years, greatly influencing the dishes he cooks and the techniques used, particularly for seafood.

Catherine Miller has an everyday job but blogs on the side about the good little things in life that should be remembered, she has a growing interest in photography and cooking and baking dishes other than just sweets.