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Lemon Curd filled Doughnuts

Fresh lemons are in season right now and that makes me pretty excited, as they are one of my favourite flavours (along with basil, mint, vanilla etc!). We sadly don’t have a fruit producing lemon tree (yet) but luckily one of the ladies at work kindly brought in several bags of them from her tree […]

Spring Vegetable Soup

At the moment we are having that funny in-between spring weather, where it is sometimes nice during the day, and sometimes not, but then cooler again in the evening. I visited our local farmer’s market (the Tasmanian Farm Gate Market) on Sunday as I often do and as always came home with a big bag […]

Deep Fried Perch with Pinkeye, Chorizo & Quinoa Chips and a Spring Onion Mayonnaise

With the fine weather last Sunday we dragged the boat down to Bruny for a spot of fishing. We headed straight for a small reef I have been studying on the charts for some time now. On arrival we were greeted by a seal but I managed to scare him off. We had to work […]

Poached Chicken Sandwich with Freshly Baked Homemade Bread

Lately I have been baking a loaf of bread each weekend, I’ve really enjoyed the process and it is so easy and simple (the recipe is here if you would like to give it a try). So I was thinking about what would work well with the bread for a sandwich and honestly in my […]

Strawberry Flan

Sometimes things don’t quite work out as you plan, in fact they can be even better! I read in the local paper last week that the cherry blossom was out at the Sorell Fruit Farm so went there on Saturday to get a few photographs. In actual fact most of the blossom had already finished […]