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Honey Gravlax

Last week one of my mates let me know that some more Atlantic salmon had escaped down the Huon. This was far too tempting so I rescheduled a couple of meeting and we headed down for sunrise. It was a pretty productive morning, we ended up with two salmon and one trout. This recipe comes […]

Truck Drivers Pasta

This summer we have been so lucky with fresh produce, the apricots were sweet and juicy and it looks like it is going to be equally as good for tomatoes. I don’t have a garden of my own but I raided my mum’s, she has an amazing basil patch and some really great tomatoes, and […]

Fishing the Other Day

The other day we went for a fish out off Eaglehawk Neck and this fella showed up. He is a Blue Shark. Not exactly a prize catch, but we had fun hand feeding him and taking a few snaps. We did however manage to get a good feed of Stripey Trumpeter, but more on that […]

Apricot and Raspberry Tart

It’s that time of year where my favourite fruit is in season, the apricot. To be honest I am perfectly happy eating the treat of my childhood: a rather non-gourmet combination of warm stewed apricot, a handful of crunched up special k and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (try it, trust me!)…however I don’t […]

Bread & Butter Pudding with Dark Chocolate & Orange Zest

This is another post from our time as guest bloggers over at the Design Files. This recipe came about for a few reasons, the first being my desire to try the new Meander Valley Saint Omer butter, I had read somewhere it was as good as some French and that definitely piqued my curiosity. Also […]