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Fresh Bagels with King Island Triple Cream Brie and Huon Smoked Salmon

  Recently the manager at my work went to King Island and asked everyone if they had any cheese requests as he would be visiting the factory store. I ordered two wheels of Seal Bay triple cream brie, one of which I gave to a friend who just had a baby, the other sitting in […]

Porridge with Spiced Poached Apple & Meadow Honey

Most Sunday’s I am pretty good at waking up early (ish) and heading out and doing things and I like it that way! But this weekend it has been so grey and blah that I allowed myself a sleep in, and a lazy late breakfast. I had got the Callington Mill rolled oats a while […]

Buttermilk Doughnuts made with Callington Mill Flour

This weekend the winter sun came out, a pleasant and much needed change to the grey skies. I took the opportunity to go for a mini road trip to Oatlands, and after a pretty tasty pot-pie for lunch at the Companion Bakery (where all the lovely bread is made from the Mill over the road!), […]