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Sea Eagle

I was snapping the apple bossom a few weeks back and this guy cruised past.

Ornö, Sweden

Hi all, I’m currently on my honeymoon in Sweden (actually just got to Estonia for a few nights). We just spent Midsommar on Ornö at a friends’ shack – which was fantastic –  more photos and hopefully some food to come.  But we were wondering if anyone had some good tips for Stockholm? We’ve been before, but thought someone might know of something new/cool/a-must-see?

Thanks – Sam.

No Fish Today

No fish today – mainly due to the guy in the top photo. He must have been pretty full by the time we pulled stumps. Sausages for tea it is then.

Fishing the Other Day

The other day we went for a fish out off Eaglehawk Neck and this fella showed up. He is a Blue Shark. Not exactly a prize catch, but we had fun hand feeding him and taking a few snaps. We did however manage to get a good feed of Stripey Trumpeter, but more on that later.

MONA Market – MoMa

As some of you may or may not know last week Hobart was lucky enough to experience the Mona Foma festival which included on Saturday the grand opening of the Mona Market, MoMa! Described as a produce-based market where junky souvenirs are banned, one of the very lovely food curators Michelle Crawford contacted Sam and I a month or so ago to see if we would be interested in having an Island Menu stall. We thought about it but realised we didn’t actually have any products to sell…however we were most curious to visit and went along for the ribbon cutting (which was the most amazingly lovely ribbon – complete with carrots, dried pasta and tomatoes).

I gather some of the stalls will change over the course of the market (going every Saturday arvo until Easter) and I will definitely be going back. I missed out on the basil and lemon ice cream and I’m certain the pimms and strawberry jam I got from Michelle will have run out by next weekend! Michelle and co. did a great job in bringing it all together. It’s really good to have something a little different to visit.