Smoked Australian Salmon Bagels


This post is from about a month ago for but is still timely because the spring rains haven’t seemed to stop and the fishing is continues to be slow.

That day we sat on the end of the jetty for a few hours in the pissing rain for only a handful of fish. One fish we did catch was an Australian salmon. A lot of people turn their nose up at them, but I reckon they are great cooked up on the same day. Leave them any longer though and they aren’t as good, which is where a smoker saves the day. Because Australian salmon are quite strong they come up really well smoked, and due to my recent baking obsession they were only ever going into bagels for breakfast.

Bagels (makes about 6 – 8)

500g bread flour
2 tsp dried yeast
1 tsp salt
2 tbs sugar
1 cup warm water
4 tbs vegetable oil

Combine all the ingredients and knead the dough for 10mins then leave to prove until doubled in size. (A couple of hours.) Knock the air out of dough (punch it in the middle) and then separate it into six to eight similar sized portions. Roll each portion into sausage and then shape it into a ring. Leave to prove until each bagel has risen to an acceptable bagel size, and then poach each one in some simmering water for about a minute each side.

Brush with an egg and dust on some sesame seeds. Place in a 220 degree Celsius oven for 15 – 20 minutes.

Fast picked cucumbers and onions

1 cucumber, finely sliced
½ a salad onion, sliced
½ cup white vinegar
1 ½ cups water
Good pinch of salt

Combine all the ingredients in a pickling jar so the cucumber is covered in liquid. Refrigerate for an hour.

Dill and mustard eggs

4 soft boiled eggs
1 tsp Dijion mustard
1 tbs chopped dill
1 tbs cream
Good pinches of white pepper and salt

In a bowl break up/crush eggs with a fork and combine the rest of the ingredients.

Prosciutto Smoked Australian Salmon

4 fillets of Australian salmon
⅓ cup sea salt
2 tsp black pepper
2 slices of prosciutto
⅔ cup brown sugar

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and leave for an hour. Remove fillets, wiping off the excess brine. Put a small strip of prosciutto on top of each fillet and place in a hot smoker for about 20 minutes or until cooked. Remove skin and bones for serving.

Chuck all the ingredients into a nice hot bagel straight out of the oven.


The other day Catherine and I were lucky to meet the lovely Christina from The Hungry Australian. She was down blogging on some of Tassie’s food delights – you can read about her trip here.

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15 Responses to Smoked Australian Salmon Bagels

  1. Aww thanks for the mention, Sam. It was great to meet you both, and thanks again for all your helpful tips and suggestions. These bagels look AMAZING.

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  3. Christine says:

    Hi your photography is just amazing. What ca,era do you use??? What lens???? thanks I am just starting my photography journey and want to get a good basic SLR camera. Any advice????

    • Sam says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I use a canon 5d with a 50mm lens most of the time.

      But for value for money maybe look at the 50d, 60d or 70d with a 50mm lens for a start and maybe look at some other lenses later on.



  4. Beth says:

    I discovered your blog on someones blogroll. You have beautiful pictures and delicious looking and sounding ideas.

  5. La Buena Vida is the name of the blog. I thought you might want to know who likes your stuff, or maybe you already do. 🙂

  6. Pretty interesting dish. I can’t wait for summer and go fishing.And If lucky to catch one, I’ll make my own version of this. Thanks for sharing…

  7. Flat very interesting. I can not wait for summer , I’ll make my own version of this. Thank you for sharing …

  8. Lindsay says:

    This dish looks so delish!

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  10. Maria Lopez says:

    That’s look yumm…:) thank you for sharing this recipe, amazing pictures too..:) do you use protection gloves while preparing or whenever you prep or you just do this with your bare hands?

  11. Geminiinn says:

    pictures are amazing thanks for upload this.

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