Lamb & Blue Cheese Sausages on Anthology Magazine

This is the last in our breakfast series on Anthology Magazine. This week we feature some home made sausages.

You can find the full recipe and more pics here.

P.S. They are in coils because I am fairly shit at tying the links.

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2 Responses to Lamb & Blue Cheese Sausages on Anthology Magazine

  1. laura h says:

    fairly shit

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Sam,

    These sausages looked (and sounded) so amazing that I tried to make some at home but failed miserably! Tasmania’s are really big on their blue cheese, I even came across this article – which talks about The Blue Lovers weekend, which is a 2-day Tassie food festival dedicated to Blue Cheese! On that topic, I’d love to see more recipes which include Blue Cheese :)

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