Champagne & Elderflower Cocktails

This is the last one from our series of Christmas cards. We are having a bit of an Island Menu Christmas lunch/party tomorrow so hopefully there will be a few more Christmassy things on the blog next week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy plenty of these:

2/3 Cup Champagne
1/3 Cup Soda Water
15mL Vodka
15mL Elderflower Cordial
6-8 Fresh Raspberries

This makes 1 glass. Multiply out for larger quantities.

Mix all the ingredients in a jug except the raspberries. Have a bit of a taste – and add more of the mixes to suit you.

Place raspberries in individual glasses, then pour in the drink and serve.

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2 Responses to Champagne & Elderflower Cocktails

  1. Emmy says:

    Oh man! I cannot tell you how stoked I am about your blog! If I can find Elderflower cordial here in Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA) I will be serving up these little gems on New Year’s Eve! Yum!

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